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Try These Can't Miss Tips to Make Your Move Easy

Tips for Moving with Children

Planning a move is a bit like planning a wedding.  There's anxiety involved, sure, but also excitement and anticipation. Your children will share many of the same feelings, so it's important to help them understand the where, why and how of your move.  Our team at Sallie Davidson REALTORS® has put together 10 can't-miss moving tips to make the transition as smooth as possible – for you and your children.

Moving with Kids: 10 Can't-Miss Tips to Help You Cope

  1. Talk It Out – Let's lead off with one of the most important moving tips. Kids are clever, but it can be a challenge for them to grasp what moving really means. Have an honest, open family conversation about your move, and encourage your children to ask questions, even after the family chat has ended.
  2. Buy a Book – Children's books do a great job of simplifying complex topics like moving, especially if you're children are very young. There are quite a few books on moving, and this interactive book has gotten rave reviews.
  3. Plan a Party – If you're moving far away from your child's friends and family, plan a fun going away party before you leave. It may help to plan the party at a local park or fun center, so it won't interfere with your preparations at home.
  4. Lean on Technology – Skype, FaceTime, and social media – supervised, of course – are great for keeping your children in touch with friends and family after you move. Even for adults, there's simply something comfortable about seeing the faces of loved ones while you chat.
  5. Prioritize Toys – Favorite toys are a great distraction from stress, and offer the comfort of familiarity. Keep some toys unpacked until you're ready to move, and label toy boxes clearly, so you can quickly find your child's favorites when you arrive.
  6. Listen Well – Your kids may not always know how to describe them specifically, but their feelings are real. By offering an understanding ear, you can plan activities or steer the conversation to soothe their biggest worries.
  7. Ask for Their Help – Help them understand what's happening by involving them in the packing process. Allowing them to pack a few of their own things will show them that they're favorite possessions aren't "going away," and will be there to greet them in your new home.
  8. Build Excitement – While there's no easy way to break the news of a move, you can absolutely take steps to get your kids excited about their new hometown. Find fun activities, and show your own enthusiasm, too. Your kids will often take cues from your attitude, so staying positive is a big help.
  9. Take a Tour – If possible, try taking your children on a visit to their new town. Schedule of few of the activities you talked about while building excitement, and make a stop at your new home. Show your child their new room, and talk about how fun it will be to decorate it together.
  10. Record Treasured Memories – Your children have great memories from your current home, and it's easier than ever to preserve them. You can go digital, create an old-fashioned scrapbook, or try a mix of both.

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We hope these moving tips help, and offer a reminder that if possible, it's always best to start preparing your children for the move as early as possible, so they have time to process things on their terms. If you're still searching for the perfect home in Kentucky, contact our team at Sallie Davidson REALTORS® for help from the local experts.